When I was a young girl, I had these big, huge amazing dreams of all the places I’d go and the things I’d do. Then you reach an age and realize you’ve held yourself back from a lot of things. And then you decide to stop holding yourself back but then discover that realistically, you’re not really going to get to read all the books, visit all the places, do all the things. And this would be sad except you also realize you’ve had an extremely privileged life compared to most of the world, and are always surrounded by loved ones, and get to do meaningful work and be inspired by those around you all the time. And it’s not sad that you only got to see a place like once in your life, because most people in the world never get to see it. The memory of that once is more than enough.

On the black sand beach of Reynisfjara in Southern Iceland celebrating my 40th in December 2014, lava rocks behind us expertly carved into ice crystal shaped formations by mother nature .

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